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I WISH I Had a Twink Like This Next Door

I know you don’t typically read one of these review blogs and someone start off negative off the bat. I certainly try not to be. But Next Door World, I have a bone to pick with you. I assure you, I have never even seen dudes as hot as what you’re working with in person. Ever. Let alone next door.

That being said, the network is absolutely incredible. You get access to an entire 16 premium gay sites with this, putting you smack dab in the middle of the Next Door universe, which is somewhere you definitely want to be.

My favorite site is probably Next Door Twinks, but there are some other extremely sexy sites as well. Some are even solo star sites, so if you find the man of your dreams you can follow him and not miss one moment of his sexy adventures!

You can save 67% off with a Next Door World discount. It’s definitely worth it, as these videos will have you cumming back again and again. Just don’t get your hopes up about your actual guys next door, because believe me, in my case anyway, the fantasy ones are WAY hotter.

Twinks having fun in the bathroom

We went to a pub this saturday, the place was pretty empty and we wanted to leave, we were about to when one of our camera guys wanted to take a leak. As he stepped into the bathroom he heard some guy moaning, and he went to check that out. What he found there was two hot twink guys, one guy was sucking the other very deep and we couldn’t believe that we were about to shot two hot gay twinks fucking. They are not afraid of cameras and they showed it all to our team.