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Month: April, 2012

Horny twinks sucking and fucking

We found those two hot gay twinks in a local club. They were a little bit too quiet, so we approached them and tried to warm up the place. They said that they wanted to leave the club, we asked them why, their answer was that they needed to take care of some business. We told them that we would like to go and that we could pay them big bucks. They didn’t deny, we brought those guys to our place. It didn’t take too much time before those hot twinks gave us some nice action.

Horny twinks having fun after party

Those two hot gay twinks went to a party, they slept there and went home in the other day. Both of those guys had a very hard hangover, they wanted to fix it, they tried to play video games but it didn’t help them. So the blond guy had a marvelous idea. Lets play with my new toy (he said). He grabbed his little toy and started to play with it. In this scene you’ll see two hot twinks playing jerking off after a party. They are young and hot, just like the way you prefer.