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The Hands Nature Deals

When I see twink stuff in my line of work, which happens from time to time as is the case here I am instantly engulfed by a feeling of pity. It’s like I’m witnessing evidence of one of the extreme ends of the scale of how cruel nature can be. She just doesn’t give a fuck when she deals out hands, does she?

Just look at this little sack of sadness.

He’s sporting a leather jacket, a metal spike studded leather wrist band, some aviation sunglasses and straddling a heap of raw lumber with a pose as if he’s supposed to own the world and it doesn’t even make a dent in the overwhelming amount of feebleness of his core.

The Bambi on his knee certainly isn’t helping.

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There are almost 2,000 scenes in their library and the majority is mainstream muscle men, or rather fit men with square jaws. Or beautiful blonde young surfer boys. But they offer parody porn too which is entertaining on a multiple levels.

You’d think you’d know what’s coming in “Gay of Thrones” or “Batman vs Superman” and you would be right, to a lesser extent. Point is, it’s not just Pete fucks Rick, there’s additional eroticism.

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It’s easy to watch the profiles of naked babes on dating sites and have a lousy time. It really can. In fact, this is the case for the vast majority of guys into this type of entertainment. The reason why this is the case is that it has become a waiting game. You have to remember how these types of websites are set up. Most of them are free. They don’t make any money when you just show up. They don’t make any money when you create a membership. They do make money when you message another member.


You have to know the difference, and as a coping mechanism, many members have turned their dating sessions into a long and drawn out waiting game. They basically just sit there and tease a little bit and they try to feel out the new guys getting into the room to see which one would whip out his credit card to pay for a trip, a diner, a quickie or whatever. This can get quite annoying especially if you’re not the guy who is willing to pay cash for your online dating entertainment experience.


So what can you do about it? How can you make sure that this doesn’t become a long, drawn out waste of time? Very simple: pick the right site (like ) be a cheerleader. Get the guys very excited. Once the other member picks up on this, she gets excited and will surely want to have sex with you asap. The more excited she gets, the more excited the other members gets, and if you help this process all along, the chances of somebody paying for everybody’s experience increases tremendously. I’ve seen this play out many times over. It doesn’t take much to get this going.

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